Robert Williams, MD
Payment Policies
  There are expenses involved in maintaining a medical practice. We must collect fees in order to be able to meet those expenses. 

   We have learned that trying to collect from insurance companies can take up more of our time than seeing patients. Because insurance companies have become so difficult to deal with, we have been forced to limit the number of insurances we accept. At this time we accept:

                                      Group Health


  We do not accept any state (Medicaid, Apple Care) Insurance.

  We will file claims for other insurance companies as an "out-of-network provider" if you desire. You should check with your insurance company to learn what that means to you. It differs among companies. We cannot advise you on the coverage provided by your insurance company.

  We will try to inform you about costs, but the cost of a visit will vary depending on the services required.

  We offer a generous cash discount for payment at the time of service.